Thursday, 11 December 2014

To tired to censor thoughts

It seems I only get the motivation and energy to post something when my enerhmgy and motivation are at their lowest. My resistance is down and who knows what will bleed onto the page.

Tonight was our Christmas concert, an event which up until a couple of years I attended out of duty, allegiance to the teachers who promote the ever slow growth of musicians, and have patience and will power beyond comprehension. But the at one particular concert as I sat in the audience painting over the long delays between musical groups performing, I decided that I would go beyond the following morning weak praise, and instead, stepped up to the plate and volunteered my criticism as an opportunity to help out to produce closer to what I felt to be an acceptable standard.

So three years later, the concert has the same amount of music but is trimmed down to 90 minutes instead of 2 and a half hours exercising the parents' patience. Definitely not precise clockwork, but raising the standards and the student pride, and definitely way more interesting (though) exhausting for me as initiation into the enjoyment of the season.

The moral of the story... Don't do something for the sake if doing it. Put your heart and energy into it, and take what you deserve from it. This weekend, I WILL crawl around in the backyard snow when my son is out there, not because I should, but because I can.