Sunday, 29 April 2012

Username Problems

I tell ya, trying to keep usernames and passwords all in order... what a pain. Seems that the YouTube account I tried to start doesn't work with my school email account, so i have to use my secondary gmail account, which doesn't connect properly to Edmodo. I think I have both of them going for Blogger.

And then I got a Vodcasting account and I can't log in with either email (password no good) and they promise they'll send me a reset password, but nothing.

So now I'm still trying to do lots of reading. Let's see if i have enough time to make a Linear Relations intro video tomorrow.

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Martin Scorcese I'm not

Today I made a few homework solution videos for my classes. I used the iPad standing on a lectern/podium. Sound quality was poor, but it was a quick set-up

I still liked the way it worked with the canon camera on video mode. I might be able to set up a mike for that.

When the journey is long, start counting telephone poles

Reading, watching and reading, imagining... resisting the urge to curl up into the fetal position.

At this point I am absolutely intimidated by the anticipated magnitude of work needed to "do the Flip". My new mentor has been filling up my brain, and then I have to take time to breathe (and get back to traditional corrections).

I'm re-examining the title of my blog-page, and wondering whether I'm still flexible enough to do flips (double-meaning intended) in my classroom.

The longest journey begins with one stumble

So as I fumble my way along the curtains, looking for an opening, I seem to be bumping into all sorts of people and websites, apps and downs. What do I hope to accomplish here? Outdated teaching methods (education is the Amish of the business world) don't fit the dynamic possibilities of technology, and the energy and restlessness of today's kids. How can we help them to learn when they're already on information overload? Apprenticeship worked well way back when all people had was a very narrow view of life. People pursued their interests within their limited options. But now they see everything. What do they need to learn? What do they want to learn? And how do we stop education from killing that natural curiosity? You want to know what a "chenille" is? It'll take you 20 seconds to find out. But who gave you the idea to investigate "chenille". I was told that Blogging would be an important part of my Flipped Classroom efforts (thanks a lot McSquared!), so here I am, watch me run, watch me fall, watch me crawl... Like a chenille.